Why Perspectives of Life?

cute-doraemon-office01Perspectives of Life are compilations of expectations and ideas that are mostly insensible, but visibly disruptive to norms of behaviors and systems, in which could have profound consequences to all. Perspectives are (also) source and venue for suggesting and contemplating fascinating ideas and stuffs that encourage common sharing and learning based on good faith.
Seriously? Perspectives of Life are comments and thoughts on life (and other stuffs) that are seemingly absud yet sensible for us to pause and ponder. After all, life is about learning, experiencing and sharing…we run our lives, really? For life, there are perspectives.
Crap! Lately, it is all about what I feel like posting…that’s all! Afterall, it’s (almost)
FREE! More recently, blogging has became my external, back-up hard disk, to record and store what and when I reckon necessary.

Why blogging? It keeps me human! Just want to keep some good (or bad) memories and events for future viewing…


WORK MY MIND searches “Beyong boundaries”; SHOUT ABSURDITY relates “Proximate affairs”; EXTRAs are simply “Value added services”; MARKETHINK dedicated to “Marketing Stuffs” and LIFE’s FUN loves “Thrill and Exploration”; Random Thoughts are “Everything and Sudden”; Happening Now are “Everthing around Us”
Why so much EXTRAS lately (8 April 10)? Because I have been enjoying life – more! Still holds (7 June 11)


Blogging is my passion. All write up materials (my ideas, thoughts and comments) including downloaded photos from the web are intended to be shared in mutual good faith without inherent bad intention to infringe any form of intellectual rights. On the same token, I reserve the exclusive rights to use all my postings in whatsoever forms of publishing. However, informed (and agreed) sharing is much welcomed.

(Updated 13 Oct 2011)