About Me

A young (maturing), learning adult with deep thoughts on life (sometimes) and interests on provocative, new and unusual stuffs. I’m inclined to liberal and progressive school of thoughts. I maintain diligent and merit based system. Fundamentally minimalist and perfectionist combined. Yet, being a Buddhist, I accept Karma and believe in the energy of actions and reactions.

Latte-lover and blogging fanatic. Life should be free and exciting (I am still trying). I detest procrastination. Marketing is my passion. Wishlists? Japan (2012? Later), London (Oct 2011) and a Macbook (probably more Tab – got iPad mini 2 instead) and telephoto lens (when??? Later)…iPhone 5 (Oct 2011? Oct 2012? – migrate to Note 2 and 3)!!!
Lately, it is about MORE photography…with my upgraded new gadget Nikon D3100 + Sigma F2.8 18-50mm (bye Canon S90!) To share my new and more expensive play toy, I have activated my FLICKR! account.

Even more lately, it is about self-expression, the anger, the post-30 syndrome, inflicting myself first with ear piercing and then tattooing…and another. Now holidays still top everything. Now even more recent,  it is all about my new born – Baby Oshen! A new world to him and us.

Why Doraemon everywhere? Because he gives hopes, inspirations and laughters…I just love Doraemon!

(Updated 9 Aug 2014)