2013 Movie Marathon

3 done, 1 to go…
The verdict so far? Overall, worst off compared last year.
ILHK2013 probably the worst of ILHK series and among 2013. It was neither here (now) or there (70s). The story was flipping between 2 intervals, and there were just too many things and people “sardined”, the usual strength of large numbers in disarray. Same formula cannot work again and again. Bosco and partners cannot lead the team without enough veteran supports like ET. Bollywood dancing is bored and uninspiring.
Best parts? The haunted cinema and first day to school. **/******
Next the highly anticipated Once Upon a Time. Too ambitious perhaps, again fall short of expectation and the worst among previous local series. Manage to push selected memorable scenes but in all did not pull the full spell off. Scripts were not as solid. Products placement are too blant and too much! Best parts? Toilet bowl and beggar in pasar malam. ***/******
The unexpected winner (so far) – Hotel Deluxe.
Credit goes to Chapman, inserting his many gags to push the standard higher with good support from the rest. Best parts? Flying ghost, Chapman in swimming pool and meet the parents session. Good flow, the greatest strength probably, unlike the two aforesaid. Best part is WPM role is minimized with improvished theme and new team, rather a sharp contrast versus ET ILHK. ****/******
Final piece…save the best for the last? Journey to The West, the apparent winner for 2013, raising this year standard by quantum. Doubtful at first, but admittedly I was wrong. Truly, Stephen Chow redemption and breakthrough as a mere director and not in the front line.
The CG animation is tastefully done without overshadowing flow/script and best of all, loaded with lively gags catapulting the whole theater to laugh hysterically for good with extra dose of action. Shu Qi and Wen Chang with a very strong supporting casts, even the “ke le fe” acting are most admirable. Beautifully made.
To Wen Chang (and Shu Qi) credits, both are individually capable in leading the team – Wen Chang a new star in making?
Seriously, I will want to watch this again…Best parts…watch the whole movie!!! *****/******
Watch sequence: OUAT, HD, ILHK, JTTW


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