Fibre Upgrade

Have been using Maxis Fibre for almost a year now – at RM158/month for 6Mbs. Admitedly, there were frustrations in the beginning with (dis)connections difficulties, but things started to get stable eventually and generally, Internet(ing) is a breeze now. Plus great savings on phone bills with free calls between Maxis lines.

The question is should I upgrade or stay put until the contract burns??? Damn, any upgrade meaning longer commitment, but knowing that technology is evolving at great pace and more affordable every day.

But at RM118/month @10Mbs – it gives me more speed with lower monthly fee and even more savings…how can I resist such tempting offer?? Ok the heart wins!

Enough of self-justifying! A new contract begins: reset to 24 months and start counting (again)…


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One comment

  1. jensonlim

    Wait! The ping is rather high at 50+…guess no perfect provider?

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