CNY 2012 Movie Marathon (updated 3)

(1) The Great Magician
Big stars with unorthodox scripts revolving magical tricks, gadgets, war and love. The much anticipated face off between Tony Leung and Sean Lau – the chemistry is great. The setting somewhat like “Let’s the Bullets Fly”. Everything especially the magic execution seems convincing enough maybe except the tank. A bit disappointed with this one, but don’t get me wrong, maybe the expectation is bit high. (7/10)
(2) Ah Beng The Movie
Woo Hoo is the unexpected, Great Day is the anticipated and Ah Beng The Movie is the expected. But again, compared all three, Ah Beng fares modest at best. Definitely, the acting has improved, with some reasonable racing stunts and usual funny gags, yet the story line is bit dry and some parts not as convincing (like winning the contest?). Perhaps trying to cover too much? The best part probably the rush to hospital scene. Still, you will have to watch it or CNY may be incomplete somewhat. (6/10)
More coming…
(3) I Love Hong Kong 2012
Another yearly CNY franchise, after the great success of ILHK 2011. What is it about? Family values, social status and complicated relationships. The best ingredients of ILHK would be incorporating some of the most recent and best characters/movies like “You’re Apple of My Eyes” and DC/Marvel heroes – gulp imaging Eric Tsang in Batman outfit!!! Many guests appearance, lots of laughs, probably the best so far…And yeah product placement is everywhere! (8/10)
(4) All’s Well Ends Well 2012
The verdict is out. ILHK 2012 is the winner, personally. Apparently, AWEW still adamantly works on the same formula, with some minor changes, matching 4 unlikely pairs: calculative lawyer-father to adopted daughter, talented (but ugly) writer to visually impaired orphan, cool construction worker to inspired photographer and hard-core musician to jobless women. Donnie Yen should continue playing god (in action movies) and Kelly Chen should keep singing or some other things (I don’t like her both either). No memorable jokes, no surprises, I reckon. Louis Koo and Chapman To are barely keeping it alive. At best 6/10, ok maybe 7/10.
Next, Underworld 4 and maybe Viral Factor.
(5) Underworld: Awakening
The franchise continues…back to modern times, vampires and werewolves existence were known to human, and soon the mass eradication began. The hunters became the hunted, both non human species were running and hiding, ironically. This round the Lycans have the upper hand, physically and intellectually better…some CG were rather raw but the Underworld charm still good…expecting another 8/10. And yeah Kate Benkiser is still hot in those tight fit, maybe slimmer…maybe next is the finale as age might catch up eventually (vampire is supposedly immortal ie no aging).


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