London Day 4

25 Oct 2011: First destination: transfer at Waterloo station to Salisbury (Stonehedge!!!) via SouthWest train, another long trip stretching 90 minutes.Jumping out at Salisbury train station, we have 2 options…
(a) Door-to-door bus tour for Stonehedge/Old Sarum with admission @ £18 OR
(b) 10 minutes walk from train to bus station @ £6.10 (both ways)+ another 35 minutes walk from nearest bus stop at Amesbury to Stonehedge + admission £7.50 = TOTALING £13.60 + 45 minutes walk…playing adventurous, we opted the laterFresh air and great countryside…hmmmm..(sheep:mehhhhhh, SHUT UP!!)About 5 minutes to Stonehedge, the rain came. And soon it was raining like “shit” and clearly staying for a while. Apparently, a wrong decision…regretted, cold and stranded???Adamant, we went ahead braving the heavy rain, neither we have other options?…(after a cornish bread with hot coffee – as usual for me) with the mercy of retractable umbrella we were spared from sogginess and freezing cold…but how about going back???We literally “cheated” our way back – blaming the lost of our bus tour tickets (thanks and no thanks to the heavy rain) and receive complimentary ride back to town (saving £4 each)…relief!!! The price? We miss Old Sarum and were dramatically “shaken”…On the way back, we manage to grab some strawberries at £1 from Salisbury market…Next stop at Trafalgar Square……where the Olympics countdown continues…Dinner at Spaghettihouse, me spaghetti pesto lover @ £9 (with my lovely wife, “all-wise” Stonehedge trip advisor)More walk around Chinatown before brief stop at Tower of London (night view – full visit tomorrow!)…to be continued…


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