Transformer: Dark of Moon

The anticipation was great, perhaps too much? – getting the ticket one week in advance is the earliest yet. The story: It picked off with Sam just graduated and have been jobless 3 months, regrettably dumped by sexy Megan, and now cohabiting with another sexy chick (visually as entertaining minus the look).
Introducing Prime Sentinals, Optimus mentor – a bad egg, (re)working with now less intimidating Megaton, teleporting armies of machines to realize the grand plan – to bring Cybertron to earth. The human plays very important roles in winning this battle.
Seriously, too much talking and extras new and old faces and machines, making this the worst yet installment. Despite running 150 minutes or so, it can only covers so much without the ohm factor.
Sad! BTW, Shockwave is outshining the master – coolest machine. Hopefully a better one next round.


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