P1 Scam? Potong!

Received a soliciting call from P1 few days ago. It went something like this:
P1: Hi! Mr. Lim. We wanted to thank you for being a loyal customer of P1 (BS)
Me: Ok (So what?)
P1: You are being chosen as a loyal customer to receive a special package from P1 (More BS)
Me: Rite, what it is? (huh? Getting suspicious)
P1: Now you can get a free white 1.2MB modem free, with monthly add-on of RM30…blah blah blah
(What! I have known this for months on P1 add-on package…and you are trying to bullshit me like that?
Me: Ok. I am not interested (WTF!)
I am not sure if they receive any sort of training. But the tactic sucks. P1 sucks.
BTW, I already plan to terminate P1 this month or latest next. Why? Because I was always short-charged due to some bad station output. Instead of getting the 2.4MB (or max the marketed speed of 4.8MB), I was only getting 1MB or less. Potong!!!


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A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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