Chinese Ghosts Story 2011

A classic remake with new team and different storyline. And of course, much better settings and cinematic effects. Liu Yifei (Siu Sin) carries the role well with her simplistic beauty, not forgetting to mention great performance by Kara Lui (Lao Lao). The story still revolves on the Black Mountain Village – were the 1,000 year demon tree is trapped under the demon hunters spell, camouflage as Lan Rou temple, waiting for jail-break while controlling the captive spirits and other demons to seduce and consume hu-MAN. Apparently, aroused men emit odors, giving “green light” for scantily clad and tempting spirits and demons (in human form) to take their lives. What the heck!
The quality of the movie is definitely good, but still I reckon lacking in serious actions. Ning Cai Chen is the boring part – you would feel like being stranded behind some snail-driving-cars on overtake lane!!
Still, good to watch.


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