Meaning of Food

Read something interesting about food craving. Ever wonder why suddenly you desperately want to eat chocolate so much? Read on…
Chocolate equates craving for feelings of love, consumption activates pleasure and feelings of contentment (exclude after eating guilt, double the pleasure, double the guilt later!)
Sweets, such as ice-cream, candy, cakes including carbonated drinks) are booster of adrenaline, producing high energy, calming effect and elevate depression (power substance indeed, no wonder Coke is selling so well)
Salty junk food to release aggressive (made especially for road bullies??), for fun-deprived individuals to compensate all-work-no-play lifestyle…
Dairy products (yogurt, cream cheese) for desire of comfort.
Spicy food for excitement and need for stimulation (stimulation?), risk takers or to balance emotional pain.


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