Maxis still Sucks

I cannot comprehend why established and hot-selling items like Apple iPhone and (likely) Samsung Galaxy Tab must tie-up with telcos…limiting consumers choice to create artificial exclusivity but sacrificing on possible mass adoption. Perhaps Apple but Samsung? Already struggling to make a desperate comeback?
A conversation with Maxis (probably outsourced) customer service:
Re: How may I assist you?
Me: I intend to get the Galaxy Tab…please check if stocks are available at KLCC store?
Re: Please wait a moment…
Re: Yes sir, we have reserved a unit for you (bullshit!)
Me: Ok, another question…I can outright purchase, rite? (getting validation)
Re: No sir, you have to get a package…blah blah blah…
Me: But the website did mention outright purchase…
Re: Are you sure? (Am I sure? I should be asking! Damn!)…let me check…
Out of sudden the line was cut off…(right, Maxis protocol I supposed)
At Maxis KLCC centre… lagi best!
Me: Ok, I am getting this…outright purchase!
Re: Boleh…but our system is down!
I almost FAINTED!

I finally got mine at TTDI branch…quick and the system is working!
PS: If you are a current Maxis value plan customer, the pricing is somewhat attractive for Galaxy Tab. Adding RM48/month (same SIM) for 12 months, it is all yours at RM1,849 (500MB data plan, which is huge for normal browsing).
Otherwise, get the value first plan (RM30x12) + new registration (RM30x1) + the 500MB data plan (RM48x12) + device (RM1,849) …total 12 months package will be RM2,815 > still reasonably priced I reckon.


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