Legend of the Fist

Usually, I gauge a movie based on the first 10 minutes or so and believe me it matters. For this one, you wouldn’t want to miss the opening crescendo – the battle-field scenes are nicely orchestrated and convincingly the best so far from HK. (For those usual late-comers, gotcha! Disturbingly annoying!! WTF!!!!)
Another heavily patriotism flavored episode, China contributed and won the war, but was unjustly sidelined and opened for abuse and manipulation. Based on once Shanghai golden era ruled by chaotic and corruption, after-war China is still haunted by espionage and in-fighting between Chinese warlords, stirred by ambitious and eccentric Japanese generals. History aside, if Yip Man fighting is about accuracy and speed, then Chen Zhen is more of greater speed and lethal, take no prisoners attitude. Yet Chen Zhen acceleration is no match against time, Chinese intellectuals and leaders are being assassinated…
However, the ending is little bit too fast and disappointing. Still you cannot miss this one over the silver screen. Definitely another episode coming….BTW, if Chen Zhen is born New York, Batman should be worry (about his status)!


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