Clash of the Titans

My advice is to pass the 3D version. Literally, there are not much ‘third’ dimension except the Chinese subtitles, which embarrassingly I do not comprehend. To convince myself, I had removed the 3D glass several times, and to much disappointment, there were minimal or if any ‘jaggedness’ on the white screen (IOW, there were no 3D!). We were cheated! Well, then how about the movie itself? A must watch, luckily. Some critics lamented that the beginning 30 minutes or so are too dry, not even a single battle scene. But I must defend the Titans, they are wrong! Great movies are beyond brutal killings, rather it is about building and executing the anticipation, which Titans have jam-packed. But don’t get me wrong, there are much serious fighting and killing once the anticipation heats up. So what is it all about? Basically, the power play between the Gods – Zeus and Hades, one badly in need for love and the other for hatred and fear. Human emotions food their strengths. The humans and Persues (demi-god and son of Zeus) are sandwiched between them. The land of Argos is about to be annihilated by the Kraken, son to Hades. Rite, it is about family feud and in-fighting, killing the families. BTW, Medusa is wickedly sexy! Am I mad? (I am actually referring to the actress)


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