Here comes Google Buzz

Another Face-Off: Google’s momentum has not receded, yet. After the medicroe introducing of Android phones, now Google is attempting to wrestle the social networking platform from Facebook and Twitter (sorry, MySpace and Friendster…you guys are out of the competition for now). Google Buzz – the integration of (kind of) micro blogging cum networking site with Gmail. (Tried it) Buzz interface was ridiculous simple and Twitter alike, but (still) no add-ons unlike Facebook…promising geo-tagging (geographical identification via the net) will also available on Buzz mobile…perhaps the heated debate on Buzz replacing Facebook is somewhat misleading and naive…it should be Buzz replacing Twitter? Wait, Buzz can integrate other sites like WordPress, Blogger, Picasa, Flick and so…so it does have potential! But too early to tell, perhaps, Google has ambitious plan (and upgrades ready?) for Buzz. …Anyway, will Google Buzz evolution success? Speed to market (in terms of introduction and integration of relevant and innovative contents) and network effect will define everything…How about Google Wave? Sweep under the carpet? Why not integrate Wave with Gmail??? Strange…perhaps starting a new project is so cheap (and much faster) than upgrading current ones…
As I was writing, Google has planned for niche broadband (fiber network) service (to test water, perhaps) – reportedly 100 times faster than current speed enjoyed by average users in United States…100x! How about us? 100×100 times slower…no BS!


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