Nice deal? Think again…

Few weeks ago, I was planning a business trip to JB. Book early and enjoy great fare? Two ways from KL to JB, at RM90 net. That’s quite a fantastic deal, rite? Right, but that’s what I thought until I received a disturbing SMS today with something like, “Sorry, your flight has been rescheduled to 20.50…” Damn! My flight was supposed to be early morning, but rescheduled to night…outrageous! The only possible explanation: many are booking the same flight, thus punish the early birds and reschedule the flight…I’m a victim of economic power: demand higher than (planned) supply.

Flight Detail:


Date: Flight No: Departure: Arrival: Stop:
Mon 01 Mar FY2153 Subang (SZB) 8:10 PM Johor Bahru (JHB) 9:10 PM ( 0)

Thu 04 Mar FY2148 Johor Bahru (JHB) 6:50 PM Subang (SZB) 7:50 PM ( 0)

Fare and Charges Detail: Total For 01 guest(s) Fare: 0.00
Airport Tax: 18.00
Insurance Surcharge: 10.00
Admin Fee: 42.00
Total: 70.00 MYR
Travel Insurance: 20.00 MYR

Payment(s): Visa: -90.00 MYR
Balance Due: 0.00 MYR

________________________________________________________________ PS: Actually, it is more of blessing in disguise, as I overlook the booking time i.e. I was planning to go there morning and instead “accidentally” booked a night flight. Anyway, due to the rescheduling, I am able to change my flight to morning – free. That’s luck plus some skills! ;P


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