Service Inflation

Product inflations are rampant – be it cost or pull. Now even service inflations are getting increasingly annoying…longer waiting lines, poorer services…and of course higher costs with no apparent improvement made to commensurate the service level. Broadband services anyone? What? Oligopolies have been flexing their muscles in expense of consumers – fair usage policy? What it means, really? You have no much choice – we (telcos) are dictating how the market should be! Anyhow, there ain’t much alternative! DAMN!
Anyway, just wanted to relate one incident in Giant supermarket, Leisure Mall recently:
Our check-out basket: 4 packets of Mamee instant noddles (5x75g), 2 packets at RM5.98 (o.k. so it is RM6.00 after the rounding up – and YUP I love Mamee Vegetarian) versus normal RCP RM7.00 (RM3.50 printed SP) i.e. savings of RM2.00…happy transaction? Wait…at the check out counter…
Casher: Scanning….scanning…read RM3.50 per pack
Us: Wait, it is printed RM6.00 for every two packs (check now!)
Cashier: Checking the mailer…no it is RM3.50
Us: No, it is printed on the price card on the shelf…(what??? go check again – fast!)
Cashier: Checking…checking…it is RM3.50
Us: No, it is printed right on the price card…(crazy!)…go and check! (need to say more?)
Cashier: Calling the supervisor…
Supervisor:…checking the mailer…
Us: So?? (Hurry up!)
…both supervisor and cashier gone with the wind…more waiting…
Us:…still waiting…(Hello?)
Then another supervisor returns…
Supervisor: Where it’s stated?
Cashier: Showing her the mailer and the price card…
Supervisor: Oh! It is for the 5x80g pack not 5x75g…(obviously, it is an error on the written pack sizes smart ass!)
We look at each other…right, we are leaving!

Another service inflation…supervisor? My foot!


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