Sponsor What?

They are notoriously rampant…from free-to-air to paid to home videos (VCDs) to movie theaters…just what the heck! Perhaps free-to-air but definitely not paid mediums, especially so for home videos and theaters…damn, we are already forking quite substantial amount not to mention those captive advertisements but sponsors???
Just another marketing gimmick…for the good of consumers?
No! For the good of advertisers (especially agencies and suppliers)…in fact, we (most of us) will think it is abusively intrusive, bad taste and maliciously annoying. In sum, we hate it!
So why do advertisers continue to blindly indulge in such stupidity? An easy way out to forcefully assume preferential treatment or instant goodwill? Naive!


About jensonlim

A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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