Only in Siem Reap (Day1)

Embarking to Siem Reap and the journey to historical temples beckons…
Three nights at Royal Empire Hotel, a pleasant stay with BASIC utilities (Damn WIFI use is chargeable at USD2 per hour!!!)

Solicitors were everywhere – books, mini handicrafts, scarfs, beverages, fruits etc…seriously, kind of disturbing after some time…but admittedly, some can be good persuaders and most command multiple languages.
Armies ready to solicit…gulp, HELP!
Hired tuk-tuk in action – probably the most easy and economical mode of transport…asking price is USD15/daily in town (cycling is rampant but maybe too punishing for the legs).
Considering Siem Reap is pure tourist destination, these inherited temples are the major source of revenue to many…
Check and control, every passport is digitally printed with visitor’s photo and (ticket) controllers will be stationed in every major entrance to validate your passport. For serious temples hopping, recommended a 3-day passport at USD40/pax. Just remember to keep you ticket(s) well at all time!
The three top ranked sites – each with attributed uniqueness and style…
(1) Ta Prohm – ancient ruin devoured by gigantic trees

(2) Bayon – encircled by densely populated stone faces

(3) Angkor Wat – the largest capital city and the biggest crowd puller

Night at Khmer Street for dinner…

Fine and reasonably priced food…Tom Yam Soup and Green Curry Chicken at USD3 each…


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