Chrome in Cloud

Microsoft should be fretting…it’s Google attempt to wrest the OS market. Introducing cloud OS – the (much) faster, online version of conventional OS minus the physical, hardware confinement. Goodbye to snail boosting time (from 45 seconds average to 7 seconds!).
It should be much interesting if such audacious platform could break the long held dominance of Windows. Mac’s OS has failed to rival Microsoft seriously, only occupying a niche but loyal market group to date. Conversions are still relatively hard and expensive – perhaps too adventurous for many. Upgrades are still safer.
But Chrome is different. First, it is remarkably free. And Chrome browser is already tested and proven. Moreover, it is highly compatible with prevailing net-book trend i.e. light, fast and easy, allowing rapid almost instant conversion. And there are pack of add-on goodies to smoothen and enhance the conversion experience. I wanted to put my name of the waiting list already…
But hey, that’s the perfect scenario. But over here, well, the only major problem is, the broadband is DAMN slow and unreliable. Seriously, I could literally imagine my Eee PC shutting on and off automatically, or at least most of the time being disrupted (I would assume that the Chrome OS will comes with some offline mode etc).
Damn! It would be utterly frustrating! So will I try it? Probably…if I have nothing (data) to lose!


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