Sway – Are we rational?

{7D3E70A5-62F2-4345-8E69-F9F135DF537E}Img100The master of earth – human, we presumed, is championed as the most rational living thing. As far as we are concerned, we have the high ability to judge and quantify pertaining matters in stake. Yet, many times, especially when making decisive and enduring choice we are often not swayed by pull of irrational behavior. In fact, greater stakes produces even greater outrageous decisions and hence unthinkable outcomes. Prolonged but loss-loss war episodes (on the surface at least as it seems, somehow many unscrupulous parties are happily monetizing sales of weaponry and illicit acquisition of natural resources) are just some vivid examples given by the author where authoritative figures (even intelligent ones) can make seemingly absurd choice that could be detrimental to loss of lives. Why so? Essentially, as explained, logical mortals are governed by set of standard operating procedures (SOP) that were pre-programmed into us whenever demanding incidents or crisis occurs. So what are the SOPs??? Essentially, there are three underlying criteria that Brafman brothers have noted: (1) human profound inclination to loss aversion i.e. the tendency to avoid loss at all cost especially when one has committed certain amount of time or resources, (2) value attribution i.e. value attached to individuals/things for preoccupations and impressions made during the first stage of contact either on outward appearances or biases on historical backgrounds (your reputation precedes you etc) and (3) diagnosis bias i.e. myopic view, blinded by the initial positioning (from 2), which subsequently lead to narrow and closed mindset, IOW stubbornly goes by the book or strict compliances with current road map while blocking all possible external stimulus. Together, even the most experienced or knowledgeable person could sway to do unexpected things beyond behavior norm. And hence Sway – the irresistible pull of irrational behavior. Good book!


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A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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