Final Destination Finale

the-final-destination-poster-big More gory that’s the USP for FD forth attempt. I did not catch the 3D version (regret!), buy hey the movie is still as I expected bloody exciting and entertaining enough for me to part RM10 (some may not agree, though) Blood and horror aside, FD has pretty much adopt the same franchise concept – premonition, escape and more escape before, eventually death itself.
The story opens at the NASCAR stadium, where two couples in the wrong place at the wrong time, but in nick of time managed to cheat death – so as they thought before the death revenges one by one.
Sadly, though, the final installment did not explore and explain more on the concept of cheating death, which is all the movie about in the first place. So, presumably there is no real escape! But hey, the action scenes are apparently much expansive and bold (Damn! Cuts!) . While the special effects are good, there aren’t perfected enough. Not the biggest movie, but still worth (to me a necessary) to watch over the long weekend. Eh, why so fast??
Will I watch again? Probably…FD will finally rest in peace (RIP)?????


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