District 9

Admittedly, another out of the box attempt…to its credit, the movie is fairly well written (or capitalizing on the fine art of copyism), something sort of mix and match from recent trending, taking cues from the earliest Blair Witch’s to more recent Quarantine documentary style plus over proliferated alien cum zombie ingredients – the actions’ are bold, bloody and gross with bits of sarcastic gags in between.
Really, it is gross and not for naive kids to fool around! Embarrassedly, a buddy of mine, 31 years old full-grown-unshaved-man had its age checked when buying the tickets! Seriously? The person manning the counter must be obviously blind or half asleep!!!
Back to the story, the one and only thing that District 9 being different is the sincere explanation on further man-alien relationship instead of mere war and conquer nemesis.
Our law and order for aliens? This round the human assumed aggressor role, and the aliens found themselves being “aliens”, having immigrant sort of treatment with no legal status and lack of proper shelter and food. Cat food for aliens? Strange…
On the special effects, no much surprises here…and sometimes these aliens are very human indeed – for those who are observant enough extra actors can be seen camouflaged in standard “prawns” uniforms.
Aliens gadgetry and weaponry, man greed $$$ and lust for power, psychotic soldiers and wild criminals, order and chaos…
In sum, it is neither love-or-hate, perhaps just another reasonable movie to spend on weekends. District 10? Likely…


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