Search Engine at War

Google, the undisputed, leading Internet search engine (SE) – have you “google” today?
Despite Yahoo!, Windows Live, Ask, and others search engines continue to struggle and lag behind Google, which comfortably commands around 60-70% market share for years…Google continues to rejuvenate its business model, extending beyond SE to Chrome browser – the fastest to date, Google Docs and other free but valuable online applications (notable ones like Reader, Blogger, Picasa, Calendar, Gmail and so forth). Not to mention Google’s latest projects: Google Android and upcoming web based operating system. Full cloud computing…hmmmmm…can’t wait! Cool! Seriously, all Google offerings are first class locked-in by category standard.
Winners-take-all. Yahoo! and Ask, the two larger players continue to fight but nevertheless found themselves shrinking, while Windows Live / MSN remained almost stagnant…only until, perhaps now…the distant second and third (Yahoo! and Microsoft) have finally reunited to go against Google. (Seriously, I reckon Yahoo! has becoming too desperate and partly sweet-talked or conned by Microsoft into signing the pact!)
Welcome Bing the latest offering from Microsoft, which surprisingly continue to receive raved reviews…something long missing for Microsoft. Despite giving ray of hopes to Microsoft, the suddenly white elephant finds its core products – Windows OS and Office applications being threatened by stronger competitors’ from aggressive products extension to swing of mood for open software. Notably Google, Firefox and Open Office have put Microsoft business model in disarray: the giant continues to strengthen its core products in all ways (including bundling IE with Windows) but lack of real product innovation. Apparently, early signals of myopic group thinking attribute i.e. hard to stay relevant, which could be detrimental for long term good.
Interesting! Suddenly the Internet realm has become exciting again!


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