Yet another policy…

The newly amended employment announced barely 24 hours ago stipulated that all foreign maids to be entitled for one day leave every week…which, with mutual consent and some extra compensation, the maid could opt to work instead. The HR ministry citing long discussions with many parties including strong backing from government, workers’ representatives and non-governmental organisations. Right, but how about employers feedback? And how about the already escalating cases of running maids???
If say, both parties agreed for a day off, so do the employer still provide food and shelter??? (well, not being inhuman but since it’s day off, no contribution no compensation, rite?) Moreover, if the maid chooses to stay out overnight, then how? And if the maid requested for passport and then off she goes, then how how???
More…how about the maid supposedly to take care of elders, or even cookers etc…still of all, security remains the greatest concern to many employers including myself!!!
On renewing the visa…come on, the maid’s agent can do that…another idiotic reasoning…menang (apa pun) boleh!!!

Quoted from Bernama:
Meanwhile, he said the government had yet to decide whether to allow maids from China to work in Malaysia.
“Initially, when we looked at this, it received opposition from several quarters of the Chinese community, but now we don’t know if the situation has changed,” he added.

Yet another catastrophic stance if allowing maids from China???
PS: Jennifer is hot in this one


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