Dell Experience

Prior to the hands-on experience on Dell, my thoughts was largely negative. Akward design, poor performance by category standard and unsafed,  sweat-shop produced battery clouded my fair judgement. The moment I am getting a brand new notebook courtesy of my employer, there was, really, no much hype. But then slowly, a rocky start soon turning into a much pleasant relationship.
Seriously? The heat dissipation is reasonably well, the design looks good and the 3 cells battery  have no much complaint either. At RM2k, this14″  notebook is surprisingly value for money.
In fact I was considering buying Dell mini 10…but, unfortunely the RAM was stubornly fixed at 1GB and there was no 6 cells available until July (even then, it will be more bulky WTF!). So considering I have a decent, free notebook now, I am in no hurry…
PS: Window Vista is reasonable smooth and well designed with 2GB supported memory of course.


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