Great Anticipation

anticipation2-1Well, I have finally signed up for the Beijing trip. Strange, but mere few years ago, I was like “Beijing? Only for the elders perhaps?” and now I have actually initiated to visit the iconic holiday destination. Ironic as it seems, I reckon it is only natural for human to have dynamic choice architecture i.e. varying values and thoughts on different matters at different times. Not fidgeting minds but rather ongoing phases of evolving mind sets. IOW, a sign of aging huh??? Anyhow, upon commitment (a lengthy compromise but quick commit), it seems like I have already accomplished something mentally, best described as mixture of joy and strong sense of anticipated participation. Anticipation, good or otherwise, has always been part of my life. For me, it is largely welcomed and often not bring hopes and expectations. In fact, the great feeling of anticipation has not changed over the years, only on different matters. Although I must admit that anticipation can sometimes bring anger, uneasiness, fear and sadness. But overall, anticipation energizes me and keeps me moving forward, steering me to the right (wanted) path. During the course of preparations, usually few days just before the big event, the anticipation reaches it peak and gradually decelerates and before you even realize it, it comes to an end – again. You only wish it could be longer…


About jensonlim

A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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