The Nudge Plan

jumpup Like most matters, disrupting the inertia is no easy but the necessary task for change to effect.  Accumulating the required force is time consuming and complicated. It takes concerted efforts, and some luck, for timing must collarate with the event and people perfectly to produce sufficient threshold for momentum creation. Well, that is basically, I reckon, the current state of the world economy. The sub-prime has pushed it to the limit, forcefully halted the economic momentum, creating a state of inert so to speak. The multiplier effect takes off thereafter, which further reinforces the said, but sadly, in non productive and destructive manner. Fear and pessimism rule. And once again, therefore, incentives are necessary to restart the economic engine. Large funds have been injected, but apparently have not startled the sleeping giant, yet. Moreover, human are always stubbornly adamant to change. We are simply risk averse. Change as always is not embraced well or enough. Alas, proper nudge is necessary,  starting from the authority. However, nudging must be swift and objective driven, to help sustain and empower the momentum suffice to regenerate the economy. Changes are to be expected and must be dealt with accordingly. But then, the new course of actions must not divert away from the initial objectives, otherwise it would be a already a loss cause. A slight misjudgement or wrong nudge could literally worsen the process and produces unexpected and detrimental consequences further. It is a game of calculated risks really, where there are opportunity costs to be taken and sacrifices to be made. Can we pull out of the recession again? Nudge experts are already working hard, yes?. Perhaps not. As least not from any consumers’ perspectives, I presume. These are no physics or science or economics but mere some random thoughts of mine. May the force be with the one! (me?)


About jensonlim

A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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