Choice Architecture

julia_choices-7753021In life, we made choices. From trivial to significant ones, choices are reflective of our abilities to decide, compare and evaluate the best available options given at any time based on sets criteria we established. Opportunity cost, basic economic 101.  That is, of course, the most simplistic way to explain how we made choices i.e. largely based on rational sets of behavior.Often not, these criteria could be self-imposed or due to some external factors such as peers’ influences or persuasiveness of clever advertising. So then, it is actually more of the resolution really, where our right and left brains struggles to out wit each and then compromise on a final decision.  It is instinct versus rational thinking and short versus long term projection. All assuming that we capable to act and behave rationally and independantly. In retrospect, especially when we were younger and our mind less ‘contaminated”, we tend to act on instinct, mostly craving for immediate gratifications without considering the longer consequences. Therefore, we were nudged to behave and act accordingly, to delay instant gratification for longer good, guided by our elders experiences and learning. Over time, we develop our own sets of learning curve and ways of doing things.  It is nurture blended with nature that eventually shape our basic thoughts, behaviors and preferences. This is civilization! We were taught to make choices, which eventually make ourselves and others better off in the longer run. But every now and then, our judgement were clouded by our wild instincts to act otherwise. And such actions i.e. acting irrationally and beyond our norms would give us enormous gratifications. It is because we have inhibited ourselves for too long, too much? Breaking free and loss are of course, not always negative in the sense that we opening ourselves to new perspectives and options. But then again, it is just a fine line between creative or destructive. Creative destruction? Perhaps, if a middle ground could be established. Wait, this is getting no where. Again never mind, these are just some random thoughts on life! We are blessed to make choices because the world is abundant. We have the liberty to choose and make it happens. Therefore, choose wisely whenever, whatever!


About jensonlim

A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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