A New World: An MI Invitation

power-to-the-peopleThe outcomes from the last election were genuinely unexpected but certainly inspiring and momentous. It was a great eclipse that was too sudden and unprecedented, a manifestation of true butterfly effect sort of phenomena. Moving on, the nation has been, literally becoming more polarized; race issues apart, the breeze of change brought about was so aggravating that virtually encapsulates and intensifies every facets of the nation. Two groups, one for change the other for status quo, each have differing agendas – those who pro transparency versus die-hard non-disclosure, realists versus self-deniers, doers versus thinkers, ‘diggers’ versus ‘fillers’ and the list goes on. Some were vocals but others otherwise. Heroes were born and work ship, vice versa. Absurdity is rampant. We can do it but others not standards were too loud and obvious. Amid campaigns to inoculate wiser spending and buy locals, some have spend lavishly citing nonsense, too-hard-to believe reasoning. While some have abided the laws, some were stretching it too far. “It looks like me, sounds like me, but it’s not me.” Classic! How about using ISA to protect and educate? On economic front, however, there are yet many agendas unresolved at least from the people perspectives. Of most, the solutions were temporary and often not reactions rather than actions. It was chaotic. In fact, political interests have somewhat put economic woes on the back seat. Public funds, privatizations and concessions, aliens and foreign workers, utilities, inflations, price and toll hikes, mat rempits, safety, transportation, etc etc. It comes back to haunt the nation every now and then. No price increase any time soon but next all petrol stations were flooded with cars. Going up were swift but coming down is never or forcefully too slow. Gravity defying! Others non-pressing but equally imperative matters including broadband services and APs. Seriously, our broadband speeds sucks! 3G has been here forever yet, arguably the average speed is unsatisfactory and the coverage is pathetic. Wimax is still no where to been seen. If the authority is serious in getting good national penetration, do something and do it fast! On APs, just scrap it. We are already paying too much. Right or wrong, true or otherwise are now more of mere perspectives. The glaring different was, the people has become more vocal and engaging. Perhaps, we have becoming to realize that change is necessary or permissible. Or perhaps the people have had enough. Progress, transparency and information technology in all have energized the people. Bloggers especially, have triumphed as the non-tampered source of information bank, fast, relevant and free. Alternate sources such like MI was another. RM15million spent by police on KT by-election? RM600k for renting canopy? Well, only in MI and MK perhaps. Yet changes, good or bad are not without oppression. Oppressions come in many forms but right or wrong again subject to many debates. But then again, it is justifiable in the name of security? Or the truth is more important above all? Ultimately, people demand change only for the better.


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A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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