Starbucks Alive!

starbucks2 And so I have managed to squeeze some recommendations for Starbucks, which I reckon would keep Starbucks branding intact, minimize unnecessary dilution and reinforce its coffee cult. Here it goes:
1. Keep-it-flow concept: borrowing from Toyota’s heijunka production leveling notion, Starbucks could strategize and stretch its pools of available bank data and existing resources. First, ascertained trends and then establish commensurate promotions. Examples include turning the premises into ad-hoc meeting venues or hip parties’ destinations. Essentially, it is about in-house event management to maximize customers’ flows and hence sales turnovers.
2. Why limit to existing premises? Upgrade promotions and tie-up with complementary industries. Keep it special, limiting to privileged members only. How about late night movies marathon with some good latte and cakes/snacks? Perfect!
3. More than mere Starbucks recruitment. Go further. Establish baristas club to provide lessons and on-site training. Introduce and inoculate Starbucks ideas and expect word of mouth instantly. Train them to love Starbucks. And better still collect fees while build free goodwill.
4. Go up scale. Instead of introducing VIA why not establish premium quarters e.g. bigger sofas, private cubicles, netbooks ready and free flows based on hourly rates? Simply, it is customers’ segmentation based on needs and preferences.
5. Hit the road! Again, go beyond brick and mortar. Starbucks mobile coffee house with wifi ready. Create buzz with nationwide road trip.
6. Improve supplementary food menu. Make the cakes special not mere complementary items. Promote it! And accept (expect) orders. After all, it is Starbucks cakes!
7. Monthly or bi-monthly special! Continue to highlight and introduce new items. Crazy flavors, great taste. Rotate and promote star items during low seasons.
8. Make customers to switch. I was once a fan of Coffee Bean but I switch! Thanks to clever credit card promotions. Win a new crowd. However, keep it in checked and expect fantastic results.
9. Starbucks blogging. Customers’ engagement and participation. Write a story/experience and submit to Starbucks’ blog. Best post crowned as Starbucks featured blogger of the month! It’s almost free but effective. It’s Starbucks community.
10. Sell your beans. Promote them as gifts. Sell coffee makers as well. It feels like Christmas again! Well, these are just some wild and broad suggestions, which further fine tunings are necessary.
To sum it, great coffee experience brings profitability and customers’ loyalty.


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