Where’s the Social Responsibility?

potholes_streetDamn! Those potholes…how many times, we run over them with much ache over our car and our heart! My car!!!! And how many times accidents happened due to drivers sudden steering to avoid multiple potholes??? Not to mention those daredevils bikers and “Mat-Rempit”, zig-zagging and literally terrorizing our roads! But then again, for many law-abidding drivers and motorbikers, these potholes are like landmines inwaiting. Some time ago, these potholes claimed a young man life as he fell after he dropped into a pothole in Johor. Angry parents claimed that the accident was due to the defendants’ (city council and major)  negligence for failing to cover or patch up the pothole. They said the defendants had also failed to put up any signage warning motorists of the danger. How true…these potholes are everywhere!!! In fact, many suburban and toll-free roads are poorly lit and designed. Even newly built paid-for highways have similar problems, and can easily get flooded!!! I was once caught in a flash flood on a paid-for elevated highway for 45 minutes. What???? What the heck! Sad but true! That’s what we, Malaysians have to embrace everday. Where’s the social responsibility? A stranger once told me, “That’s Malaysia, get used to it!” DAMN! Not enough? Some smart alec will respond with, “If you don’t want, don’t use the highways!”  How about if we want, we don’t pay taxes and tolls? Third world infrastructure, and definitely third class mentality (@ssholes!)


About jensonlim

A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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