A Litte Too Late, Too Coincidental?

electricityFirst thing first, it’s good news. After much procrastinating from the ministry, finally, there’s a plan to review the electricity and water tariffs. But then again, the review comes in a little too late? The world petrol prices have been hovering around USD40 and below, and yet the decision to make such review NOW? Perhaps the review comes in too coincidental with KT election?

Funny, late last year, the ministry has stated that there will be no reduction of electricity tariff as we have purportedly use mostly gas and coal not oil amid falling petrol prices. (The price was revised last June) Recently, International Trade And Industry ministry called for a price review, citing that petrol prices have substantially lowered since. Wait, which is correct here? I’m confused. So there’ll be no reduction because we use more has and not petrol. Later, a second ministry proposed a price review because petrol price has dropped? Who is not doing his homework, or who has “done” to much? Another thing, if the nation is able to sustain electricity by using gas, why a 12% price hike in the first place? Apparently, the government reduced the gas subsidy to TNB and hence, the cost was transferred to the people – conveniently. Again, in expense of the people amid TNB higher than expected profits. Also, since the country lamented that oil will be running OOS soon, why not start capitalizing on gas now? Absurd…


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