Yet another price hikes? Well, based on the recent news feeds, these operators will be getting more for sure…but then where’re the social responsibilities? What’re the rationales?
Anyhow, the recent declassification of toll contracts only reveal more mismanagement of public funds. Accordingly, the golden formula for price hikes: commensurate higher rates for more users. Simply absurd. More absurd is the fact that despite national funds being used for public utilities, such contracts are being classified? Fishy…

Future scenarios prediction?
(1) imminent price increases “We’ve no choice, it’s in the contract” or
(2) downplayed compensations to operators “We’ve no choice, it’s in the contract” or
(3) imminent price increases “If you don’t want to pay, don’t use tolls…” or
(4) all of the above “Change your lifestyle” by some TOO eager to stand out individuals
My bet? Really? All the above. Next to follow? Massive national campaigns to inoculate “Spend wisely on essentials only”…more jokes! Even more to follow. There’ll be comparisons of our “cheap toll rates” with neighboring countries – baseless comparison without referring to the overall standard of livings and purchasing parities. Dumb and dumber.
For now, let’s adopt the made infamous wait-and-see attitude and enjoy the circus!


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A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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