Faster Food, Slower Drink

I was browsing the sea of books in MPH recently and came across an interesting one: particularly, a chapter on “Faster Food, Slower Drink that immediately awakens my roaming attention. Whoa, how true! In retrospect, the proportionate time we CHOOSE to spend on food and drinks have, invariably, changes drastically over the years. We now gobble rather than chew and consume food in seconds (unless of course we’re out for special occasions). After all, food is mere supplements to keep our bodies to function properly, rite? Otherwise, we blame it on leading, super-fast pace lifestyles, always-on diet regime, food abundance (due to better living standard), multiplying effects from fast food operators and spin-offs that revolutionize our notion of food, and notably, Web 2.0 i.e. the increasing interactive interfaces between us and the Internet.

On the other, contrary to aforesaid, the time we CHOOSE to spend on drink has increased considerably. The coffee culture: good latte, comforting ambience and free WIFI have made a profound impact on us, changing the landscapes of our social and business outings FOREVER. In fact, simply monetizing us for otherwise FREE ACCESS to the web is a net crime! And Starbucks and new-comer Old Town have certainly done good jobs by continuing to seduce us for more! We could literally spend hours at these outlets enjoying the best latte while multitasking: chatting, blogging, you tube and networking (also waiting!).

Anyhow, I reckon, food and drink should be enjoyed slowly and not mere consumed. So, if I could suggest: less for more i.e. have fewer rounds of food and drink but spend better quality time. And yes, faster net is a must!


About jensonlim

A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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