The Charm of Googzila* and Death of Microsoft

This is not new, many advocates and cycnics have gone through it, but feel like blogging it anyway. Here it goes…

Windows and Office are arguably, the long standing and most common work and productivity enhancers. Missing them, we just don’t feel right: the PC would worth nothing. Well, that’s historical. With the rise of open source, free extensions and widgets swarming the realms of software and WWW, once dominated by Microsoft, there’s a change for sure. Good news!
Lately, I’ve been intrigued by Googzila: notably Reader, Blogger and Firefox extensions (o.k. plus Facebook) Addictive! Once you turn on the ignition, you’re on the super highway. It opens a whole new perspective. Herein, a classic example of domino effect where one leads to another and another and another…Suddenly, the world turns much faster than before. Information overloaded is often. Fun but sometimes scary!
I must admit, I love and hate Microsoft. Love for easing my work, especially during the early rise of Microsoft and hate for limiting (and unjustly monetizing us) the choices we could have after Microsoft dominates the OS and Office application. Thanks to Google and Mozilla, we regain freedom from the net. With the amount of freewares being updated, everyday is a new day to explore, download, try, use, mesmerise, enjoy and if otherwise simply uninstall – all free and easy.
In retrospect, I reckon, all would not be permissible if not largely due to the notion of freeware, which initiated from a large pool of untapped and unsatisfied consumers, of which most hate Microsoft. Ironically, I’m still using Office for this. But not for long before I start downloading Open Office. Google Docs still need some polish though. On OS, I’m converting to Linux. At least that’s a plan.
Then again, will Firefox and Google turn EVIL like Microsoft? Hopefully, not before more players join in and disrupt the market once again.
*Google and Mozilla partnership.

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