Autobots transform…

Reincarnation the faith in after-life marvel where we supposedly live many episodes of life, unconsciously, via different bodies or container that keep our souls intact, still have not been scientifically proved. In layman terms, reincarnation is backing up one’s hard drive data and simply transferring them to a new casing. The configurations and appearances may differ but internal data (souls) remains intact. And how would that be possible? Think deeper…
Souls is a form of energy! In physics, the law of conversation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but merely
change form. In many instances, there are true accounts of people having vivid past memories or could regress past life under hypnosis or having the mirror resemblance of someone from the past. The Dalai Lama being nicknamed the “Living Buddha” for having such supernatural capabilities, could specifically foretell his reincarnated life before his present life ends.
Reincarnation would then explain karma, where good/bad things being affixed to individuals i.e. for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion). And these “reactions” may or may not come immediately but bad people will get screwed eventually…just wait! So, we just wait and and stay inaction as the accumulated deeds from our past life(s) have already “arranged” A-Z for us?
The good thing is, we have the “power” to change our course of life. Newton’s 1st Law of Motion states that every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain unchanged unless an external force is applied to it. IOW, we can change the given state (inertia) by simply acting now. The amount of actions (force) required to change for better or worse would depending on the state of inertia (accumulated deeds). And if we could measure deeds or our actions mathematically, Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion would come in handy i.e. Force = Mass x Acceleration. Again, changes may not be immediate but with good actions, do expect good returns…And that virtually explains most things in life! The notion can be further applied to branding as a whole (refer to previous post: Energy of Brands). For a brand to grow i.e. from inaction state, one must apply the necessary force i.e. Force (marketing efforts) = Mass (consumers+employees) x Accelerators (money+time+etc). And to sustain growth, appropriate force needs to be applied over time, otherwise once inertia kicks in, the whole process dies out. Remember the famous quote from Optimus Prime (Transformer)…autobots transform!


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