Global tsunami…yet again! Part 1

How many times do we need to encounter such devastating economic turmoil in our life?
As we becoming more matured (I am still mentally young though)…I am sure we all have different expectations and feelings to this man-made episodes that continue to haunt us about every decade.
Yet do we ever learn that economic life cycles are akin to the natural law of reincarnation.
Remember the aspirational part from “Little Buddha” where the monk demonstrated that water (a form of energy) flows from one substance to another i.e. energy cannot be created but merely being transfer from once to another?
Well…it seems to me that economic conditions have shown somewhat similar attributes…
There are no indefinite success in business as success (being gauged by monetary gains, reputations etc) do not have a finite form i.e. merely transferring stages of energy, which you could manipulate to some certain extent but surely not storing them – forever. It just transfers when the time fits! That’s when disruptive changes come in and transfer these success factors to another body (organization) that absorbs such energy. Energy, in all, will be determined by customers i.e the ultimate feeder to energy of life!


About jensonlim

A young, learning adult with deep thoughts on life and interests on provocative and unusual stuffs.

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